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Lodz University Library
Interlibrary Loan
Matejki St. 32/38
90-237 Lodz, POLAND

Contact: e-mail:
phone: 0 48 42 635 60 51; fax: 0 48 42 665 57 44
Opening hours: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 10.00 - 14.00
Tuesday, Thursday 14.00 - 18.00
Saturday closed

The Library lends materials to other libaries in Poland (beyond Lodz) and abroad.
UL employees and students may request materials (books, article copies and other library materials) not held by UL Library. If the item is not held in any libraries in Lodz - we order it from another library in Poland. If the item is not held in any Polish libraries - we order it from foreign libraries.
All materials brought to the BUL Library from other libraries are accessible only in the Main Reading Room. The loan period for materials borrowed from other libraries is set by the lending library. To place an order, state exact bibliographic citations and complete an Interlibrary Loan Order Form.

Information for libraries in Poland and abroad

The Lodz University Library accepts orders:
A maximum of 3 items can be on loan per borrowing library:
  • › Loan items can be borrowed for 4 weeks,
  • › No Loan items such as Reference materials, Required Readings, Theses, Journal, etc. cannot be borrowed.

The library participates in the IFLA Voucher Scheme. There is a charge for every item (e.g. loan of one book or a photocopied article up to 20 pages):
  • › European Countries - 1 IFLA Voucher
  • › Non-European Countries - 2 IFLA Vouchers
  • › USA - 3 IFLA Vouchers

The following additional fee is charged:
  • › 1/2 IFLA Voucher for delivery of articles up to 10 pages by mail
  • › 1 IFLA Voucher for every second and further units of 20 pages of photocopied article.

We strongly recommend the use of IFLA Vouchers because it is the most practical form of paying International Library Loan charges!
(Information about the IFLA Voucher Scheme)

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

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