1. The Interlibrary Loan Office fulfills orders for:

    • domestic loans (if collections are not available in Łódź libraries),

    • foreign loans (if the collection is not available in the national libraries),

    • copies of foreign journal articles via SUBITO,

    • copies of articles from foreign journals via the portal GetInfo.

2. Order fulfillment time is:

    • 1-3 weeks - bringing materials from a national library,

    • 1-3 months - bringing materials from a foreign library.

3. It is possible to place an order for 5 publications at a time (including no more than three from abroad).

4. The lending period for library collections is determined by the lending library.

5. Complete the form to place an order.

6. Costs related to bringing library materials and copies shall be borne by the ordering party.

7. All collections brought to the Library are only available on-site in the Main Reading Room.


The list of libraries providing interlibrary loan services

1. The Interlibrary Loan Office provides services to other Polish and foreign libraries in the area of borrowing from its own collections and sending copies of articles from owned journals.

2. Orders can be placed:

    • by filling out the electronic: Interlibrary Loan Request Form

    • by filling in the reverse (foreign libraries on IFLA forms).

3. The loan period is 30 days.

4. Borrowed books should be returned by registered or recorded delivery.

5.The fee for borrowing a book to a foreign library and sending a photocopy to 20 pages - 1 IFLA Voucher.

6. The following are not lent:

    • books published before 1950,

    • collections in the Special Collections Section,

    • rare and valuable works,

    • collections that are marked for use only on-site,

    • newspapers and journals,

    • publications collected in reference collections,

    • collections in a poor state of preservation.

7. The interlibrary loan rules are set out in the Regulations for the Use of the Collections of the University of Lodz Library.